Photoshop is your DARKROOM:

You already got some awesome photos that you really like, but what if someone gave you the Red Pill to a post processing Wonderland?

  • Post processing doesn't have to be complicated and can improve your images A LOT in a short time

  • It doesn't always have to be "invasive" and it only depends on YOU, how much or how little you want to tweak it!

  • Photoshop and post processing is to digital photography what Darkroom is to traditional film photography.

  • Learn the simple digital workflow - from the good starting image, through Raw converter to Finishing touches in Photoshop
  • Discover basic correction tools and how (and when) to use them properly
  • Find out the difference between shooting in JEPG and RAW formats
  • Get the hang of how to straighten your images, quickly colour correct them and how to best save them for print or to share with your friends and family online!

And all of this in the comfort of your own home...or a cafe...or my living room!

  • Classes will be done on my laptop but you are welcome to bring your own as well
  • I can meet you anywhere (indoors) within 30 miles drive from Thurso, or a bit further (subject to extra mileage charge)
  • We well be using my images for the most of this class but if you have your own files ready on USB (in RAW format preferably) we can use them too!

1 to 1 Photoshop Classes (2H) - Beginners

One to One photography Classes for beginners.
: Caithness* 
Requirements: none, but laptop and USB stick with some of your images are welcome
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