One to One Beginners Photography Classes

You have that nice shiny camera that you try and take along with you wherever you go. It has some dials and buttons and some strange looking icons on it and you "kind of" know how it clicks. You even managed to get some nice photos...sometimes...but you also got plenty blurred ones, the smudged ones, the not-so-bright ones along with very bright ones. 
If this sounds familiar than this Course is for you!


Minimum of Technical Jargon

During the intensive 2h class we won`t have time to bore you with all the details of how the camera sensor is built and how to calculate the hyperfocal distance for your shot. Instead you will find out how YOUR camera works and how you can get the best out of it to take your photography journey further. You will learn how to forget about the full auto mode and venture into the land of shutter speeds, apertures and f-stops.

Easy to Digest Knowledge

This Class will be tailored to your needs and your level of photography knowledge. All you need to have with you is a digital camera that has more than Auto mode (manual, shutter/aperture priority etc) - if you have any questions just get in touch beforehand and I will be happy to help. 

The practical nature of this Class means we can arrange to do it anywhere - it can be your back garden, a local beach or forest, your favourite country walk or your living room on a rainy day!

Duffy the Duck

Maximum Effort

Once booked You will be contacted via email with a quick questionnaire to establish what your expectations are and so I know what material we can cover. We will also try and find out the suitable time and location we can both meet.  

Your age, the camera you have or your level of technical knowledge does not matter - photography is about enjoying yourself and creating art You are happy with so get in touch now!

1 to 1 Photography Workshop (2H) - Beginners
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What will You get from this Class:

  • confidence in knowing you are in safe hands of a working professional photographer with years of education and experience behind his belt
  • basic photography knowledge (depending on your current level)
  • better understanding how your camera works
  • access to closed Facebook Group for students with exciting competitions, photography tips and tricks, and forum for valuable constructive critique
  • ideas for more creative approach to your photography!